The Snark Dance

collaborative choreographies of collective memory

About May 5, 2008


The Snark Dance is a dance floor for the choreography of creative, interactive practices of cultural expression and memory. The Snark Dance, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark, is interested in the exploration of ritual and collective memory in order to understand the production of space and the process of culture. The Snark Sance in itself is a ritual dance of social disorientation as a platform for new creative processes. Disorientation, or “getting lost”, is a habit I have developed over the past few months in order to submerge myself in mysterious terrains, sometimes found in familiar territories, as a way to find new questions and situate myself between the binary rituals in which I so commonly find my movement of thought to be captured.

I am greatly influenced by the practice of psychogeography and the movement of thoughts.  The snark dance has turned to the blog as a way to reinterpret psychogeography by considering virtual arenas, thus highlighting the relationship between the production of space and the production of networks.  By performing the blog ritual I hope to invite others to join me, online and offline, in finding new creative rituals of place, cultural memory and collective expression.

Ritual outlines tensions between past and future, form and content as well as process and product. As an interactive artist/ performer with an academic background in linguistics and anthropology I have found myself in the curious space between these tensions. Anthropology, a field all too familiar with the discourse of colonialism, is faced with its own predicament of cultural capture. The industry of art is also caught in this game, however, with the recognition as a producer of culture, rather than a historian or scientist as such. I would like to create rituals where cultural production and documentation are in step to the same rhythm and can be explored as rituals of the same dance.

This week I will provide themes and projects from my many books of chicken scratch (pictured below) concerning my research over the past few months so we can get the ball rolling. Please feel free to participate…that is the whole point! This is not only the development of participatory processes but one in itself. Hopefully this blog can inform how similar platforms and projects can perform successfully offline.

Salutations, la la loops and cha cha cha!

Chicken scratch


One Response to “About”

  1. Alex Eisenberg Says:


    We came across your blog and were excited to find that you had written about us (Present Attempt). Your ideas are intriguing, especially about ‘open source performance making’. If you are interested in exchanging ideas it would be great to hear from you.



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